At ecoTruk, we’re  inspired by the Baobab Tree…

I n Africa, the Baobab is more than just a tree.
  • This “Tree of Life”, often hundreds of years old, creates its own ecosystem
  • Trunk, foliage, nectar, fruit, and bark provide sustenance and water for a host of creatures
  • People often gather under its shade to share stories and settle community matters
e coTruk is a non-profit working in Africa since 2007. We assist individuals, families, and small villages gain access to basic services and income-generating opportunities. One of our main tools is a custom-designed cargo bike capable of carrying large, heavy loads.
Our cargo bicycle is similar to the Baobab… it is more than just a bicycle:
  • Bicycles increase mobility and overcome one of the barriers to cycling out of poverty
  • Cargo Bikes are transformational and improve future possibilities and outcomes
  • Cargo Bikes, coupled with micro-enterprise efforts, directly affect household stability, income, education, and health

What We’re All About

We Believe In

  • Small market systems as a powerful means of poverty alleviation

  • Harnessing native forces of creativity, initiative, and entrepreneurship

  • Building transformational relationships

Our Mission Is To

  • Assist individuals, families, and small groups access income-generating opportunities

  • Increase access to appropriate resources and alleviate critical, unmet needs

  • Increase mobility and support small marketplace participation

Our Strategy Is To

  • Build bridges between those who have and those who don’t to the mutual benefit of all

  • Employ a small-scale approach that invests in a few individuals at a time

  • Partner with local development efforts

Our Responsibility Is To

  • Foster gender, social, economic, and environmental equity in every project

  • Empower all those who participate and encourage them to pass it on

  • Seek economic sustainability through best practices and integrity

Our Goal Is To Improve Access To…



Getting kids to school changes both lives and the future. Reducing time and travel fatigue increases attendance and performance.

  • Angela
    Thank you ecoTruk for helping my family. Our children are now able to get to school more easily and are not so tired...
    Village in Zambia



Transportation by bike to the clinic for care or emergencies is saving lives!

  • Agnes
    The ecoTruk bicycle has helped me to the health clinic and my baby is healthy...
    Village in Zambia



Opportunities for increasing income are as simple as having access to the marketplace…

  • Everisto
    ecoTruk has helped me transport my harvest to market more easily, saving much time, and getting a better price...
    Village in Zambia

We Listen For Stories…

October 6, 2017

School Kids

Some things are just so simple… time and energy lost “footing” to school is often a deterrent to regular attendance. Particularly since so many children do […]

Our Current Efforts

Since 2007, we’ve engaged in a small-scale, grassroots approach in northern Zambia. We co-create projects that assist individuals, families, and villages. With each project, we pursue and culture relationships with those we serve.

We listen first, explore opportunities to meet pressing needs, and then work towards appropriate solutions together.

Our focus is 1 Person, 1 Family, 1 Village at a time.

We are a nonprofit, tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization. Currently, 100% of donations go to in-country, program-based expenses where we serve. All board members and staff volunteer their time and cover their own project travel and expenses.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to