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ecoTruk - the pickup truck for the developing world ecoTruk - the pickup truck for the developing world
About ecoTruk

ecoTruk is a tax exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code.

ecoTruk is about building bridges through partnerships with local, small scale development efforts in a few developing world communities.  Our focus is upon empowering individuals and increasing their ability to be independent and self-sufficient through the use of the bicycle as a tool.  Sustainable, community owned efforts are the mark of success.

Our Vision

A developing world with easy access to appropriate and affordable bicycle technology.

Our Mission

To increase the mobility and opportunity of people within the rural sector of the impoverished world— to enhance load carrying capacity, to provide an entrepreneurial platform, and to free up time currently lost to foot travel.

Our Strategy

Building bridges between those who have and those who don't to the mutual benefit of all.

Our Objectives

The distribution of bicycles engineered and built especially for the unique needs of impoverished individuals and communities in the developing world (in an efficient and economically feasable fashion).

Encouragement and aid in the establishment of a sustainable, small bicycle market system.  Key elements are training (bicycle assembly, maintenance and repair) and jumpstarting a distribution network (bicycles and parts) in all areas where ecoTruk efforts land.

Ongoing identification of partners and regional areas/people groups for investigation and potential deployment.

Assist in spreading the awareness, domestically and abroad, that the bicycle is an appropriate and preferable tool for the developing world— as opposed to the notion that fossil fuel dependent vehicles are superior.

Establish a credible and visible presence within the domestic marketplace that generates an income source to support developing world efforts.

Our Values

We believe in the dignity and self respect of all human beings.

We understand the necessity to listen and learn from those we desire to interact with.

We believe in the right of disadvantaged women and men to a secure livelihood— that sustainable incomes help to alleviate the cycle of poverty.

We believe in the native forces of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship when the rural impoverished are given access to appropriate resources.

We believe that small market systems are a powerful means of poverty alleviation.

We believe in gender equity for women, workload reduction, and acknowledgement of their key role in society.

We have a responsibility to empower those we work with, to seek economic stability, to foster social and environmental equity, and to support long-term sustainability.

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