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ecoTruk - the pickup truck for the developing world ecoTruk - the pickup truck for the developing world
Design Project

The idea for a load carrying bicycle for the developing world has brewed for quite a few years.  Our attention to the concept began with the desire to ease the burden of clean water transportation.

Our design project was brought to fruition in the fall of 2006. The first ecoTruk was shown to the public at the 2006 Interbike Trade Show and was very positively received.

Providing a reliable and "affordable" transport solution for the rural sector of the developing world is our focus. The ecoTruk is an extended, heavy duty, load carrying bicycle with a versatile rear racking system. It's designed to carry significant weight over uneven terrain.

Extensive field experience and research in 2007 resulted in significant improvements to the basic bicycle platform that we started with.  Our goal was to develop a robust, versatile, reliable, and affordable extended bicycle.  It is an organic process for sure.  We are always seeking opportunities to improve.  The past years and experiences that have followed our first steps have proven time and again that we are on a beneficial trail.

Purposely overbuilt from the ground up, the ecoTruk is a "pickup truck" for the developing world.  The design is based upon extra heavy gauge aluminum frame tubing and a heavy duty chrome molly front fork.  While not as long as many “cargo bikes”, the frame’s medium length lends itself to stability without the loss of responsiveness.  A detachable carrier rack is integrated into the frame structure to better position loads away from the driver.  The ability to handle numerous component options is designed into the frame.

2006 ecoTruk (v.01) and some of its many uses

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